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Malachite Round Charm Necklace with Curb Chain

Malachite Round Charm Necklace with Curb Chain

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Unveil the captivating beauty of our Malachite Round Charm Necklace with Curb Chain. Exquisitely crafted from 18ct Gold Plated 925 sterling silver, this necklace is a harmonious fusion of earthy allure and luxurious style.

The 15mm Malachite charm, with its rich green hues and intricate patterns, takes centre stage, creating a captivating focal point. Each piece is a unique expression of nature's artistry.

Suspended from a timeless Curb Chain measuring 37+5cm, this necklace adds a touch of sophistication to any neckline. The adjustable length allows you to tailor it to suit your desired style.

Malachite, known for its transformative properties, infuses positive energy into your ensemble, making this necklace not just a fashion statement but also a meaningful accessory.

18ct Gold Plated Base: 925 sterling silver

Charm: 15mm Chain: 37+5cm

Stone Type: Malachite 


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