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Mother of Pearl Round Stud Earrings

Mother of Pearl Round Stud Earrings

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Embrace the delicate beauty of our Mother of Pearl Round Stud Earrings – a timeless expression of elegance and grace. Expertly crafted from Rhodium Plated 925 sterling silver, these studs showcase the enchanting allure of Mother of Pearl.

The dainty 11mm size makes these earrings an exquisite choice for both everyday sophistication and special occasions. The luminous Mother of Pearl stones, with their iridescent shimmer, add a touch of ethereal radiance to your look.

Rhodium Plating enhances the durability and brilliance of these studs, ensuring they remain a sparkling testament to refined taste.

Mother of Pearl, symbolizing purity and tranquillity, transforms these earrings into more than just accessories—they become a symbolic reflection of timeless beauty and inner calm.

Rhodium Plated Base: 925 sterling silver

Size 11mm

Stone Type: Mother of Pearl

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